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Cape Split Press publishes stories that entertain and inform while presenting strong characters of diverse genders, races and creeds in prominent roles who face challenges that reveal their true natures by the choices they make.

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Our Catalogue

Dragons Unremembered: Volume I of the Carandir saga

Dragons Unremembered - Volume I of the Carandir Saga

The evil dragon, Baras, has lain subdued for thousands of years, constrained by the magical crown of the monarchy of Carandir. While sorcerers called the Barasha, the servants of Baras, secretly plot to steal the crown and release their master who will bring a reign of terror to the world, baronies are unaware of this threat as they prepare for civil war. A prince and a princess must work together to control the baronies and prevent Baras from rinsing in this gender balanced story where strong characters, male and female, who hold equal authority and respect.

Half Awakened Dreams: Volume II of the Carandir saga

Half Awakened Dreams - Volume II of the Carandir Saga

Mirjel and Ryckair must seek out Baras and complete the magical spell together that they had begun to place the evil dragon back into everlasting limbo.

Over the years, The monarchs have changed and grown apart. They no longer know each other. Dissention grows within the land as The Queen remains barren and unable to conceive an heir to the crown, threatening the succession and the very fabric of Carandir.

Forces long thought destroyed lay secretly in waiting as Ryckair and Mirjel are consumed with the search for Baras and forget that which should have been remembered.

Covenant With the Dragins: Volume III of the Carandir saga

Covenant With the Dragons: Volume III of the Carandir Saga

Comming in Spetember of 2022. The final instalment in the epic fantasy series.

The imprisoned dragon prepares to wake and spread a rein of terror. The civil war rages as the traitorous baronies push close to the place while foreign forces invade from the south. Missions to seek help from allies are thwarted by the enemy.

A princess is tempered to return and face the forces of evil.

Beyond the Shallow Bank

Beyond the Shallow Babnk: A novel of a woman searching for herself

Artist Margaret Talbot suffers a life changing crisis in 1901and travels to a small fishing village in search of herself. When she arrives, she encounters a young woman who is rumored to be a selkie, one of the seal people from Celtic mythology who walk on the land as humans and swim in the sea as seals.

Beyond the Shallow Bank - Illustrated Edition

Winner of the 2022 BookFest Award

First place in the Magic, Legends & Lore category — Third place in the Historical Fiction category.

Beyond the Shallow Babnk: A novel of a woman searching for herself

The Illustrated Edition of Beyond the Shallow Bank with authentic Victorian era etchings.

Something on my Mind

Something on My Mind -  A science fiction novelette

In a future time, Police Detective George Chen is assigned to investigate a man who has committed the most heinous crime, cutting himself off from The Connection. What he finds is a conspiracy that threatens the existence of the human race, but not the conspiracy he was seeking.

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