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David A. Wimsett's professional writing career spans several decades. He has written for newspapers, magazines, online platforms, businesses and universities. His work has included non-fiction, fiction and poetry. He is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, the Canadian Media Guild and the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia. David has appeared on television and radio and is a stage actor who has performed in works ranging from musicals to Shakespearian dramas and comedies.

He knew he wanted to write from the time he was a teenager and had the good fortune to study under excellent mentors who helped him learn his craft and discover his own voice. He attended the prestigious Squaw Valley Community of Writers Workshop over four consecutive years. David possesses the gift of being able to see the world from a technical and business viewpoint as well as an artistic perspective. In 2008 he won the Manglesdorf Award for Writing Excellence for his urban short story "Shoot". His debit novel, Beyond the Shallow Bank, was released by Cape Split Press in 2017 followed by his epic fantasy novel Dragons Unremembered: Volume I of the Carandir Sage. He is currently working on Volume II.

He lives in a rural town near the sea in Nova Scotia, Canada.


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